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“We know how important is image and how our style linked to personal confidence”

Viste tu Mejor Versión is well known among fashion experts, trend setters and style updaters in Madrid and some European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

We are keen to work with you to be one step closer to best version of yourself to have an ideal wardrobe and style you want, with easy but exclusive services, as comfortable or luxury style as you want, which will be aligned with your lifestyle. Dressing with style have never been so quick and simple. Our motto is “Dress to impress, without attracting attention” and we live by it.

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Belén Delgado

Belén Delgado

The CEO and founder of Viste tu Mejor Versión, Belén leads a team of stylists, image consultants, coolhunters and psychologists, specialists in updating clients and companies on wardrobe and image issues.

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Fashion and Image consulting services

All your personal preferences for your style and how you see the best version of yourself, your lifestyle, professional focus and personal needs will be considered as part of our services.

All our services include a comprehensive study of the person (color, shape, style), their social and work environment, knowing the possibilities offered by their wardrobe and, if necessary, recommending the necessary purchases to make a change. We will find the most suitable solution to your wardrobe needs.

We are specialists

We like challenges and that is why we have specialized in image consulting for highly successful, active and dynamic people.


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